• Water Jet High Pressure System (DIPS series)
  • Water Jet High Pressure System (DIPS series)
  • Water Jet High Pressure System (DIPS series)
  • Water Jet High Pressure System (DIPS series)
  • Water Jet High Pressure System (DIPS series)

Water Jet High Pressure System (DIPS series)

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DIPS series

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1 pc

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Product Description

DIPS Series High Pressure system

Complying with CE standard

With more than 20 patent technology.

Able to 24 hours of continuous work.

Pressure continued stability without fluctuations

Perfect automatic diagnosis protection function

The core part adopts virtue technology

Technical features:

1. Perfect filtration and safety protection system:

Hydraulic system, ensure the safety of using double filtering,

Water level 3 fine filtering: 5 muon m / 1 muon m / 0.45 muon m,

Hydraulic system configuration has the oil temperature detection extend warm device, more than 60 degrees centigrade automatic stop;

The whole job instrument shows, high-pressure system with high pressure safety blasting tubes,

System with multiple alarm and protection, once produce alarm will automatically stop protection.

(1) the avantages of low-pressure water

(2) ehv overpressure alarm

(3) oil filter jams alarm

(4) oil temperature alarming

(5) hydraulic overpressure alarm

2. Excellent high and low pressure sealing systems:

Low pressure pipe adopt reliable import C taper connector, compression of 40Mpa, convenient maintenance, durable,

And strictly control is no more than 60 degrees Celsius, guarantee seal life.

Special choose ceramic piston rod, the confined high, sealed performance is good, wear resistance.

High-pressure pipeline using rigid taper sealing, safe and reliable, sealing effect,

Dynamic seal USES imported high strength nylon material made of high pressure seal, its service life 40 hours.

                                         DIPS Series High Pressure system
Model DIPS6-2230 DIPS9-3040 DIPS9-6040 DIPS9-7540 DIPS7-3740
Drive system
Drive system Motor
Pressure system
Pressure system Intensifier
 Intensifier Qty. 1 1 2 3 1
Specification Date
Max.pressure 300MPa/40000psi 380MPa/55000psi 400MPa/60000psi
Max.Flow rate 3.1L/min 3.7L/min 7.4L/min 11L/min 3.7L/min
Power 22kw/30HP 30kw/40HP 60kw/80HP 75kw/100HP 37kw/50HP
Pressurization rate 24:1 20:1 20:1 20:1 20:1
Oil Pressure 0-150 bar 0-200 bar
Oil type  46#(15-40 C)
 Hydraulic oil   46#(Environment 15-4 C)
power Supply 220/380/415VAC 3 Phase

Payment Terms︰ T/T west union

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