Glass Art Made by Waterjet Cutter

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The most traditional manual crossed glass cutting needs to pass a punch, lineation, knock shoesmaking such as technology, process complex, the cutting edge extreme uneven, glass breakage rate.

Automatic nc glass cutting machine can realize cutting pattern of the automatic programming, CNC cutting. But difficult to carry out complex pattern of the cutting, and cutting arc would appear irregular impossibly, edges and coarse.

Waterjet cutting for any material cutting, more than traditional cutting has more superior, general motors, and energy conservation and environmental protection, is the world's newest cold cut craft and technology. Cut the glass surface finish high, can cut arbitrary shape, corner after the special software processing, can realize perfect arc cutting. Then after double grinding head of mill polishing burnish, 2 procedure can complete glass cutting all the steps of simple and convenient, greatly reduce artificial the quantity of Labour, which reduces the processing cost.

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