5 axis waterjet

5 axis waterjet

Model No.︰DWJ3020 X5

Brand Name︰Dardi

Country of Origin︰China

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Minimum Order︰1 pc

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Product Description

High quality 5 axis dynamic waterjet machine, it is perfect for cutting stone and metal in high speed.

1\what is 5 axis dynamic state?

5 axis dynamic state is that one CNC UHP waterjet machine within 5 axis at least, (three rectilinear coordinates and two rotational coordinates), and it can coordinate movement at the same time to processing under the control of the CNC system. Compared with ordinary waterjet machine, 5 axis waterjet machine has the greatest comparative advantage is Thai cutting head can be moving and adjust in any point of view, which to make it cutting any bevel.

2\Advabtage of 5 axis dynamic satate

The system expanded the funtion of waterjet machine which is not only cutting in vertical direction but also cutting in any point of view. And it can cut slant-hole within any shape.

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