• Waterjet Cutting System---Dcm Robot Water Cutting System
  • Waterjet Cutting System---Dcm Robot Water Cutting System
  • Waterjet Cutting System---Dcm Robot Water Cutting System
  • Waterjet Cutting System---Dcm Robot Water Cutting System

Waterjet Cutting System---Dcm Robot Water Cutting System

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Product Description

Waterjet cutting system---DCM Robot Water Cutting System

As a new flexible manufacture technology, UHP waterjet cutting has the incomparable advantages, such as no pollution, no heat, no distortion and small kerf. It is widely applied in automobile manufacture field. Especially, it is the only auto machining means in the auto manufacture field.
The interior ornament is thermoformed by thermoplastic plates, like PU, PET, EVA, PVC, etc. The material is sensitive to heat, and it is distorted after heating up. It will produce poisonous in burning, so it will adopt the cold cutting. Because the efficiency of manual trimming is low, it can't assure the cutting precision and the consistency (particularly the manual puncture makes the problem even serious). So far it is replaced by waterjet technology.

The plafond of Automobile
The shape of interior ornament is complicated, formed by anomaly space curve and curved face. There are many holes on the work-piece. The holes shape and distribution are anomaly. It will be the best choice to adopt six axes linkage robot waterjet cutting. Robot process has the advantages of high speed, accuracy and consistency, to satisfy the batch and high efficiency requirement. It adopts 380MPa UHP waterjet to cut material, the max. Cutting speed up to 200mm/sec, kerf only 0.2mm. It can't produce, and discharge polluted waste in cutting directly. With the high speed and high accuracy, robot waterjet tech is an excellent and unchangeable machining means.
Typical Structure
The machine is made of several parts:
1. UHP system: It is the key part of space waterjet cutting system, and it will pressurize water to max. 380Mpa, and through cutting head.
2. Vacuum absorption system: This system has two functions.
A. Produce the vacuum, and absorb the interior ornament in the oriented mould to assure the cutting precision.
B. Take the scrap in the absorbed bucket, and separate the water.
3. Robot system
Robot system is the executant of cutting track.
4. UHP pipe system
Convey water from UHP system to cutting head to finish energy transformation, forming high speed waterjet and cutting the interior ornament.
5. Safety Guard system
Because the robot waterjet cutting system operates in high speed, and UHP waterjet is unconquerable, the system setting has the perfect safety guard system and UHP process protection system. The invasion of human and material will force the system stop, to assure the safety of human and system.
6. Water Softening System
Water softening system will soften the waterjet, and remove ions, such as Ca, Mg. In case scale forms in the UHP pipes and UHP sprues to raise the service life of UHP parts and seals.

Typical operation process:
This system is vertical double positions and of open structure. It is convenient to load and grop the material, and it is divided to A and B, two areas. After cutting in A area, it will turn to B area automatically. Loading and gropping will be finished in cutting, of high efficiency.

Honda is cutting the interior ornament of rear box.

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